Magnetic switches


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Magnetic switches
BN 85
BN 31168101110853
BN 85-5-2031101118378
BN 85-R101091836
BN 85-RE101090528
BN 120
BN 120-01Z101186840
BN 120-01Z/V101186842
BN 120-10Z101186839
BN 120-10Z/V101186841
BN 120-RZ101186843
BN 120-RZ/V101186844
BN 310
BN 310-01Z101133844
BN 310-10Z101133842
BN 310-11RZ101184486
BN 310-2RZ101182138
BN 310-RZ101133843
BN 310-RZ
BN 325
BN 325-R101147009
BN 325-R-1239101147090
BN 325-R-1279101147091
BN 650
BN 650-01Z101187280
BN 650-01Z/V101187282
BN 650-10Z/V101187281
BN 650-10Z/V
BN 650-RZ101187283
BN 650-RZ/V101187284
BN 650-RZ/V
BP Actuating magnets
BP 10101057531
BP 11 N101059923
BP 11 S101057533
BP 12 N101059917
BP 12 S101057532
BP 15101060163
BP 15 SS101139818
BP 43146101060165
BP 20101057549
BP 20 N101057538
BP 20 S101057541
BP 21 N101057536
BP 21 S101057534
BN 12
BN 12-01Z101186833
BN 12-01Z/V101186835
BN 12-10Z101101263
BN 12-10Z/V101186834
BN 12-RZ/V101186837
BN 20
BN 20-01E101057113
BN 20-01Z101172087
BN 20-02Z101057005
BN 20-10E101057115
BN 20-10Z101172882
BN 20-11E101057108
BN 20-11RE101057103
BN 20-11RZ101165310
BN 20-11Z101168014
BN 20-20Z101057006
BN 20-2RE101057110
BN 20-2RZ101172893
BN 20-RE101057098
BN 20-RZ101168090
BN 32
BN 11689101057229
BN 11963101057228
BN 32-R101057231
BN 65
BN 65-01Z101055796
BN 65-01Z/V101055831
BN 65-10Z101055787
BN 65-10Z/V101055824
BN 65-RZ101055800
BN 65-RZ/V101055838
BN 75
BN 75-01Y101055740
BN 75-01Z-1391101055741
BN 75-10Y101055743
BN 75-10Z-1391101055744
BN 75-11Y101055701
BN 75-11Z-1391101055702
BN 80
BN 80-01Z101082364
BN 80-10Z101055844
BN 80-RZ101139647
Magnetic switches
BP 22 N(S)101057432
BP 43153 N(S)101057544
BP 31101057530
BP 31 N101057520
BP 31 S101057521
BP 310-1 N101182160
BP 310-1 S101182275
BP 310-2 N101182284
BP 310-2 S101182287
BP 34101057553
BP 12451101195164
BP 6101091837
BP 7101125556
BP 8101054816
BN Accessories
HALTERUNG H1/1101068965
HALTERUNG H2101068281
KLEMMSCHELLE H 15101068881
BE 20
BE 20 24V101057437
BE 20 N(S) 24V DC101057449